The full-featured device that can take care of your payment and processing needs.
Although it shines at the counter, the Clover Flex is designed to give you ultimate
flexibility anywhere you are. And with the latest technologies embedded in a single
portable device, you can free your hands, your mind and your countertop for the things
that really matter
Connect your Clover Flex  to the internet via
Ethernet or Wi-Fi - or, even better, via LTE so your
business won't be blindsided by a spotty 
connection or power outage.
Keep your regular customers coming back. Build a powerful customer database with every transaction and use it to stay connected to your customers, advertise to them, and incent them to come back. Customers have the option to Print, Text or Email their receipts.
Monitor your business from virtually anywhere.
Review your complete sales history, and manage employees with Clover Dashboard - whenever, wherever. Pull reports in real time by location, terminal or employee. Clover Flex uses powerful cloud based technology so all of the reports you need are easily at your fingertips
Clover Flex Grows with you and the needs of your business. The device supports semi-integration capability for connectivity options for your existing Point of Sales as well as hundreds of 3rd party applications to run on Clover's platform. Using Quickbooks or Xero? Try the Commerce Sync app to connect your clover flex to either of these popular accounting software programs. Add your logo, website or even a custom message to your terminal receipt
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