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Introducing the CLOVER FLEX - Not your average point of sale terminal!

We have many conversations with Saskatchewan business owners regarding the best point of sale solutions. Recently the conversation has turned towards the NEW CLOVER FLEX terminals we offer.

Nelson provides some high-level info on what these units do.

Operates on multiple platforms...WIFI and has a built-in SIM Card when no WIFI available Accepts all forms of payment ...Contactless Credit/Debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Even track cash sales Customize to your Business, Add your logo to receipts & info about your business Customize TIP options Real-time reporting Integrates into your accounting software!!

Let list goes on! 

 Connect with us to arrange a demo and get yours today, You'll be glad you did!

Find them here in the Saskatoon Directory of excellence 

If you already accept credit cards, take advantage of a complimentary statement analysis to find out how Choice Payment Solutions compares to your current provider.

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Mil Kreger
Mil Kreger
06 Kas 2019

Just received the Clover today from Choice Payment Solutions. I must say the product is perfect but the service is AWESOME. Thanks so much for everything Nelson!

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